Appearance Edit

Officers are enemies that appear in La Roca and The Battlements. Dressed in their famous purple uniform they are one of the weakest units in the game. Using a sword as their weapon of choice, they have a certain agility which doesn't become a challenge for the player until he is between two such units.

Behaviours Edit

Level 1: La Roca Edit

The basic enemies in level 1 (La Roca) have 3 health each. They can all be killed by a single attack. The soldier shoots his rifle in the standing position when he sees you, so crouching under, or jumping over the bullet are both possible. He will also hit you with the butt of rifle if you get too close. The officer and the soldier both do 10 damage (with the hit, and by bumping into them).

Level 2: Battlements Edit

The basic enemies in level 2 (Battlements) get a health upgrade so they have 7 health each, meaning you need two regular attacks to kill them, or a pistol shot/magic shot. In this level the main way to dispatch enemies is to jump hit, then fall hit. If possible, avoid enemies altogether by jumping over them.


List of enemies
Level01: La Roca: Officer . Soldier . Rat

Level02: The Battlements: Officer . Soldier . Punk Rat . Le Rauxe
Level03: The Footpath: Cutthroat . Robber Thief . Rat
Level04: Dark Woods: Cutthroat . Robber Thief . Rat . Katherine
Level05: The Township: Town Guard . Seagull
Level06: Puerto Lobos: Town Guard . Seagull . Rat . Wolvington
Level07: Docks: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Seagull . Hermit Crab
Level08: Shipyards: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Seagull . Gabriel
Level09: Pirate Cove: Crazy Hook . Pegleg . Seagull
Level10: Cliffs: Crazy Hook . Pegleg . Seagull . Marrow
Level11: Caverns: Mercat . Siren . Fish
Level12: Undersea Caves: Mercat . Siren . Fish . Aquatis
Level13: Tiger Island: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Chameleon . Red Tail
Level14: The Temple: Tiger Guard . Chameleon . Omar