Magic is one of Claw's main weapons that is given at the start of any level. This is an ability of the player to cast special projectiles which destroys all enemies on the line it travels on. When cast it appears as a white swift arrow with two figures reminding hands. The magic also can hit everything that can be destroyed using the normal sword, such as crates, and will continue go forward until it touches against the wall or runs outside the player's screen border. Barrels cannot be hit by magic. Five magic units is given at the start of the level when the player chooses to start new game or simply loads any custom level. If he tries to cast the magic spells when the magic is run out, Claw will hopelessly expand his hands forward, and a strange sound will be produced. Like other weapons of Claw, magic is completly useless against bosses.

Wolvington is the only character in the game who, apart from the Claw, has the ability to cast magic. His magic appears as three arrows of green color, but are much slower and weaker, than player's magic, and has no animation frames.