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Level04: Dark Woods is the fourth level in Captain Claw. It follows The Footpath and precedes Township. It features Robber Thieves, Cutthroats and Rats, all three seen on the previous level.

The player has to fight Katherine at the end of the level in order to get the second gem and proceed further.

Level descriptionEdit

Unlike the previous level, where the setting is the forest at noon, this level is set at night. It is not divided into height levels. The overall level is one area, like La Roca. It is a bit hard,and is a bit of a maze between SP1 and SP2.



First checkpointEdit

Second checkpointEdit

Enemies descriptionEdit

Like on the third level, The Footpath, the rats still wear green hats. Robber thiefs wear deep tan clothing instead of green ones and Cutthroats wear brown cloacks instead of purple fuchsia ones. Katherine is the boss of this level who uses a whip. She is tough to fight at both long range and short range.