Level03: The Footpath is the third level in Captain Claw. It follows The Battlements and precedes Dark Woods. It features robber thievescutthroats and rats, the two former creatures make their first appearance on this level, while the latter is also found in La Roca and The Battlements.

The player has to collect a map piece at the end of the level.

Level descriptionEdit

The level setting is a forest at noon and is divided into three height levels: the middle, the sky area and the underground. Harder than The Battlements, but still fairly easy.



First checkpointEdit

Second checkpointEdit

Enemies descriptionEdit

The rats that are also found in La Roca now wear green hats instead of the purple ones. Robber thieves use a bow and arrow and are dangerous at long range. Cutthroats use knives and throw their knives at you or stab you.