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Level02: The Battlements is the second level in Captain Claw. It follows La Roca and precedes The Footpath. It features OfficersSoldiers and Rats, also seen in La Roca, and Le Raux as a boss.

Level DescriptionEdit

This level is set in the castle of Le Rauxe, the boss of this level. Harder than La Roca, but still fairly easy. There are also some clouds before the boss fight where the player can walk upon, and are usually unnoticed by players.



First checkpointEdit

Second checkpointEdit


Enemies descriptionEdit

Officers now have more hit points, than in the previous level, though can still be killed using the catnip powerups. Soldiers are now able to crouch and shoot the player, if the player will either crouch for a short time. Rats are less aggressive in this level, however they use cannons to shoot occasionally whether they see the player or do not. Their cannonballs are more harmful than the bombs that they used in the previous level, La Roca. The boss, Le Rauxe, is the first boss of the game and needs 20 hits (as he is a boss) to kill.