Le Rauxe Edit

The first boss that the player shall encounter is Le Raux. A proud Spanish admiral, the player has already met him from the short cinematic at the beginning of the game when he captures the Captain after a naval battle. He intended to send him to Spain in order to make an example of him, mainly that piracy is destroyed by the Spanish Empire and the people should feel safe. After his capture he was sent to the Prison of La Roca, and unknown to the players whether the action is in Europe or the New World though the hints and the artwork confirm the second presumption.

Battle Edit

The battle against Le Rauxe is at the end of the second level, the Battlements. He is dressed similarly to the Officers and has as a weapon a sabre. His tactics are a combination between Officers and Soldiers and therefore very easily to be beaten. He gives the Captain his first gem from the quest.

List of enemies
Level01: La Roca: Officer . Soldier . Rat

Level02: The Battlements: Officer . Soldier . Punk Rat . Le Rauxe
Level03: The Footpath: Cutthroat . Robber Thief . Rat
Level04: Dark Woods: Cutthroat . Robber Thief . Rat . Katherine
Level05: The Township: Town Guard . Seagull
Level06: Puerto Lobos: Town Guard . Seagull . Rat . Wolvington
Level07: Docks: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Seagull . Hermit Crab
Level08: Shipyards: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Seagull . Gabriel
Level09: Pirate Cove: Crazy Hook . Pegleg . Seagull
Level10: Cliffs: Crazy Hook . Pegleg . Seagull . Marrow
Level11: Caverns: Mercat . Siren . Fish
Level12: Undersea Caves: Mercat . Siren . Fish . Aquatis
Level13: Tiger Island: Bear Sailor . Red Tail Pirate . Chameleon . Red Tail
Level14: The Temple: Tiger Guard . Chameleon . Omar