GOBLE1 (GOBLE1.WWD) is a custom level built on the base of La Roca and officially designed by Monolith Productions. The notability of the level is the fact that it is officially included in all versions of the game.


  1. Go to the right until you meet a spikes pit. Jump over it. Go right again, jump over the second pit. Repeat two times and you should meet the first checkpoint flag.
  2. Go to the right and climb the ladder up. Drop to the treasure pit to the right. Climb the ladder, drop to the second treasure pit. Climb the last ladder. In the next area there are lots of crates that contain treasures. Simply drop down if you do not want to collect everything. Activate a checkpoint flag, which will be the second one.
  3. Go to the right, knock off the rats and jump up over the vanishing pegs. Kill three officers. Drop down to the final treasure pit. This contains the ending flag. Activate it to end the level and see the intermission.

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Alternative versionsEdit

An alternative version of the map is contained in the file SCORPIO1.WWD and is also included in all versions of the game. The notable difference of this version is the lack of enemies and curse powerups on the level, so it is rather intended to be played on the mupltiplayer mode. Another differnce is additional elevators above two treasure pits in the center of the level.


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