Curse Powerups are collectable items in Claw that are used to inflict to damage upon other players in multiplayer session. They are not spawned on a current level if the special option in the multiplayer session is disabled or if the Racing Goal is chosen to be fastest time. In the single player mode they are not spawned at all.

Types of Curse PowerupEdit

There are six types of curse powerups:

  1. Ammo curse (image set GAME_CURSES_AMMO) takes out other players' ammo.
  2. Freezing curse (image set GAME_CURSES_FREEZE) paralyses the other players for some seconds.
  3. Health curse (image set GAME_CURSES_HEALTH) takes out some health of all other players.
  4. Life curse (image set GAME_CURSES_LIFE) instantly kills the other players.
  5. Magic curse (image set GAME_CURSES_MAGIC) takes out other players' magic.
  6. Treasure curse (image set GAME_CURSES_TREASURE) takes out some other players' score.


CursePowerup logic is used in the level designing.

List of game powerups and items.
Score: Treasure . Coins

Health: Large potion . Small potion . Food

Inventory items: Ammo . Magic . Dynamite
Special items: Catnip . Swords . Ghost powerup . Invulnerability powerup
Multiplayer: Curse Powerup
End of level:Map piece . Gem